Serving the Community



Joshua's Hand – Community and Housing Development Organization serves the housing needs of the middle to low income families that reside within our stated boundaries of Rudisill Boulevard to the North, Tillman Road to the South, the St. Mary's River to the West, and Wayne Trace to the East; Northeast – Stellhorn north to Lake Ave South / Hobson West to Maplecrest East.

  • Reduce the number of unsafe and unreliable rental units, abandoned houses, substandard apartment complexes, vacant lots and restore or replace these units with decent, safe, affordable, energy efficient and desirable dwellings, by procuring, restoring rentallease units and selling 3-4 homes per quarter.

  • Partner with existing Neighborhood Associations and social service agencies or develop (if necessary) such agencies to enlist, train, motivate, and prepare existing residents as well as potential residents to secure these units.

  • Be in the vanguard if not the primary developer of the redevelopment of land where McMillen Apartments once existed in no later than 3-5 years, Target and develop other under valued and unused property as well as acquisition, rehab and stimulate economic development of commercial properties.

  • Boost home ownership for minorities and mid to low income families in said areas by 20-25% in the next 7 years stimulating social economic growth and job creation.

  • Partner with banks, private investors, churches and the City of Fort Wayne to develop funding for down payment assisted programs, qualify potential homeowners through certified training, homeowner rehabilitation, maintenance training and construction apprenticeship.

  • Plant 1500 well rounded citizens and homeowners to be in the vanguard of the revitalization in the Southeast and Northeast quadrants (primarily) of Fort Wayne in a Social Economic and Spiritual Renaissance. That it will be one of the most sought after areas for residential living and economic opportunities for businesses of all kinds by 2022 in the city and area.

Chelsea Cornett