LIVE to Conquer Culture


Joshua's Hand is a faith based "Community Development" organization birthed out of the vision of Joshua's Temple Missionary Baptist Church who believe our purpose is to respond to the love of Jesus Christ with a love expressed from every part of our being and to love our neighbors (you) as Christ has loved us. To go into all of the world to display a life of those who are loved by Christ and has responded to that love by having faith in Jesus Christ's example of living in a broken world as an overcomer sin (our shortcomings) by choosing to be a Conqueror of Life's Challenges and reflect the Glory of a well lived life and teach others how to achieve the same.

In order to do that we at Joshua's Hand believe that every human being's greatest challenge in life is to discover God's purpose and assignment(s) for their lives here on earth. Everything seen and unseen God has a purpose for and expects it to function at potential and capacity as He expects the same for you. Most people miss this love distracted by the challenges of life often giving in to the frustrations, pain and disappointments of being defeated in way too many of the challenges of life: maintaining a strong faith in God, loving and hoping to be loved in return, parenting, good financial management, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying fulfilling relationships resolving to live defeated and of the status quo.

After having failed miserably in most of these areas in his life even as a believer, our founder and CEO Prophet Cedric Walker, Sr. discovered that he like you and I were chosen, we are important to God and important to the world, there is a work to be done through our body, soul and spirit that only we as individuals can do in community and only as we fulfill our purpose will we realize true satisfaction in living but the choice is ours; God will not force our will. If we so chose we can live without recognition of purpose, we can choose softness and indolence, we can try escape reality with drugs and drink. We can do our own thing and go our own way never finding the reason for being placed on the planet earth but the world will suffer and we with it because body, soul and spirit were made for something more. Something within us is SHOUTING; Conquer! Build! Create! Work with God! Discover the mysteries of the earth, the sea and the sky. Communicate with the great creator of the heavens and the earth, link yourself with His great love and power and experience REAL Life. Since God has a plan for our lives and a special work for each of us to do, Prophet Walker encourages people everywhere to accept this challenge. Seek to live in harmony with God's physical, spiritual and moral laws; allow Him to shape your mind sharpen your faculties and strengthen your body, soul and spirit by daily LIVING to Conquer Life's Challenges.

Chelsea Cornett