EmpowerIconPost Homebuyer Education workshops

Now that I’m a homeowner how do I protect and preserve my recent investment? In light of the alarming numbers of African Americans and other minorities who has not as of yet experienced the opportunity of homeownership and all of the ramifications and benefits of being a homeowner, this unique opportunity allows us a chance to help the new homeowner to view their purchase as an investment. How equity is transformed into seed for future investments such as, entrepreneurial endeavors, educational funds or a line of credit for whatever their desire may be; so we begin with basic maintenance and home repair classes for investment preservation, and end with strategic loan repayment options. This takes budgeting to another level and helps the new homeowner to see repayment as investing and not paying a bill, as a stakeholder, properly insured, and ready to invest in community building who can expect a return and not just a neighbor looking forward to retirement and posterity.

Acquisitioned and Rehabbed and New Homes

After the completion of the pre-owner ship orientation come pre-purchase assessment, Credit education debt management, at home buyer education workshops the client is now ready to choose from Joshua’s Hand’s CHDO stock of rehabbed or new homes for purchase.