Our Core Values

Joshua’s Hand has assembled a God-fearing, highly skilled and experienced team who believes in God for the impossible, direction, and resources to operate its Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). This team will capitalize on the principle of teamwork to achieve our mission and the characters of its team members and team values.

1. Strategy
Organize staff and administration based based on their strengths always operating from a team concept to accomplish said purpose for every client on an individual basis.

2. Structure
Joshua’s Hand and Partners – Community – City of Fort Wayne

3. Servitude
Always remembering that our first priority are the people we serve: clients, trainees, and the Southeast Fort Wayne.

4. Honesty
When we honor honesty and truth, they protect everyone involved and preserves our integrity as an organization.

5. Accountability
No one staff or board is above interrogation or constructive criticism to the health and posterity of this organization.

6. Forbearance
Everyone from staff employees to board members, will avoid behavior that could interrupt the unity, character, and integrity of the organization by not allowing inside or outside influences to provoke destructive unrestrained behavior .

7. Moral Decency
The Bible shall be our guiding document concerning conduct and matters of right and wrong.

8. Relationship
Our organization shall not be governed by rules but relationships that are built on the foundation of our core values.