Joshua LEADS

Joshua LEADS is an acronym for Leadership-Excellence-Adaptability-Development-Success as a Faith Based Service. This service is an innovative training initiative in North & Southeast Fort Wayne with a primary focus on millennial (ages 16-24) youth, young adults, former foster youth in transition to adulthood, young families and young veterans who have experienced trauma as a result of socio-economic hardship and/or early childhood trauma. It’s for those young people who desire safe, stable, affordable housing alongside a healthy, productive lifestyle. Joshua LEADS is the vision of Joshua’s Hand, Inc., a city certified Community Housing and Development Organization (CHDO), and our key partners: Parkview, Fort Wayne Housing Authority (FWHA), The Urban League (FWUL), The Rescue Mission, Girls Rock, The Courtyard, the City of Fort Wayne, Southeast Partnership, and The McMillen Community Center seek to answer the “social” side of Social-Community Development. This service seeks to engage low to moderate-income young adults and families who are vulnerable to homelessness and need intentional, intensive support and life coaching. In addition, JOSHUA LEADS Project seeks to assist youth and young adults who are interested in developing a healthy lifestyle, overcoming hurts, habits and hang-ups that prevent them from living the life they want to lead. Joshua LEADS and key partners seek to achieve project goals with the implementation of (1) a best practice Life Development Curriculum that facilitates training in Life Management and is designed to inspire young adults to utilize their Trouble, Time, Talent, Treasure, Team and Temple in order to LIVE productively, engage widely, and contribute meaningfully preparing them for a good life. Self-management, inspiration, and integrative wellness with intensive life coaching will prepare our Champions for community living; for housing rental and ownership. (2) Quarterly JOSHUA ROCKS! Social, Cultural & Community Resources Events are designed to highlight our Champions and recruit more to add to and build strong communities. (3) JOSHUA KICKS BUTT is our answer to an unhealthy community wherein we boaster a Healthy Lifestyle and weight loss program with social media support and accountability to further strengthen our communities. (4) Finally to showcase our success we’ll facilitate a One-Day Community Training Conference to increase awareness of the specialized needs of individuals who have experienced trauma. This service seeks to help young people understand what it means to “seize the day”, conquer life by defeating the enemies of their purpose and create a tomorrow full of hope, dignity, and safe, decent, affordable housing.